Focus Area
Transportation Systems Management & Operations
Submitting On Behalf Of
TRB Committee on RTSMO
Important - Medium Priority
$100,000 - 249,000
1 - 2 years
Type of Research
Full Research Project
Date Posted
Jul 10, 2022
Not Funded

Research Description

Evaluating effectiveness of TSMO strategies can be challenging because it is often difficult to separate benefits of TSMO strategies from other factors. There is a lack of appropriate tools to support evaluation and separation of these factors. Research is needed to identify ways and tools to evaluate individual TSMO strategy contributions as well as measuring impact of collection of TSMO strategies in context of a project benefit / cost.

Additional Supporting Information

This challenge is well illustrated in the 2015 Transportation Systems Management and Operations Benefit-Cost Analysis Compendium (FHWA-HOP-14-032). While a very useful compendium of example projects, one primary outcome is that it was not possible develop an average benefit-cost value for each strategy because of the significant variability in the composition and execution of every project.

Submitted By
Nikola Ivanov
UMD CATT Laboratory


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