Focus Area
Transportation Systems Management & Operations
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Other: Traffic Management Center Pooled Fund Study
Critical - High Priority
$500,000 - 749,000
1 - 2 years
Type of Research
Full Research Project
Date Posted
Jul 15, 2022
Not Funded

Research Description

The purpose of this project is to synthesize and develop a technical report to support agencies assessing the capabilities of their current data management subsystem and identifying needs, requirements, and options for improving these capabilities. This project will also address and capture practices from industry and agency experiences with data management programs and practices to share applicable to the unique considerations and operating requirements of a traffic management system.

Limited technical resources exist to assist agencies with assessing the capabilities and evolving needs for their TMS data subsystems. In addition, there are limited resources to support agencies integrating the needs and requirements of their data subsystems into the TMS life cycle, and how to procure the needed capabilities. Agencies are also challenges with systematically managing data as part of operating a TMS to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness. Currently there are limited resources that agencies can use to guide their TMS data management planning and decisions, and support understanding of related issues such as data standards and licensing which are particularly important when external data is involved. With increasing quantities and variety of data, effective data management and planning for TMS can become more complex, yet greater in importance.

This project seeks to assemble practices and technical guidance from industry and technical references in data management, assessing, evaluating requirements, designing, procuring, and managing data subsystems to meet the current and expected future needs of the next generation of agencies TMSs. The estimated cost of this project is $500,000.

Specific issues the project is are expected to address and include in the technical resource to be developed includes the following:

•Identify data management plans, policies, procedures, and practices through literature, at agencies operating a TMS, and in related industry practices.

•Synthesize practices and plans and considerations into manageable resources for agencies seeking support.

•Conduct a literature review and engage transportation agencies to identify and synthesize agency practices in designing and procuring data subsystems.

•Develop a technical report that provides information on: -Assessing and reporting on the capability and performance of data management subsystems. -Identifying the needs and requirements of TMS devices, components and subsystems to collect, process, compile, archive, and use existing and emerging data. -Defining the needs and requirements of data subsystems for existing and the next generation of TMSs. -Applying factors, conducting analyses, and identifying the basis for evaluating and considering how different combinations of technologies may or may not meet the current and future needs of an agency’s TMS data subsystems. -Integrating the current and future needs of the data management system into the planning, design, and management and operation of the next generation of their TMS. -Specifying and procuring the combination of services, software (e.g. user interfaces to access and analyze data), storage capabilities, and technical services to meet the data subsystem needs of the existing and next generation of their TMS. -Supporting and obtaining options to the services needed to support the day-to-day operation and maintenance of a data subsystem. -Data management plans, policies, procedures, tools, and issues to consider in support of assessing the current capabilities and practices agencies may be using in support of their TMSs -Data management plans, policies, procedures, tools, and issues to consider in support of improving how they are supporting and possibly improve the performance or effectiveness (e.g., cost) with managing data (e.g., archiving, allowing others to use) in the TMS. -Identify challenges, issues, resources, services, and options agencies may consider in support of meeting the future needs and requirements with managing data for the next generation of the agencies TMS.

Without effective data management plans and practices appropriate for TMSs, agencies may find that resources are expended without achieving benefits, or opportunities to enhance operational performance are impeded or not realized due to data management related factors such as data standards, quality, licensing, or documentation.

The intended audience of the technical resource that would be developed by this project are TMC managers and supervisors, transportation engineers and planners, maintenance personnel, the research community, data scientists, and others having a role in the designing, procurement, and supporting the day-to-day management and operation of a TMSs.

This research builds off a current 2022 Traffic Management Center TMC Pooled Fund Study Project titled “Sharing and Using Different Types of Data in Traffic Management Systems ”. This project will also build off of and tailor the data management practices captured in NCHRP and other industry resources to operational conditions and environments unique to traffic management systems.

Additional Supporting Information

This project was identified as a high priority by the Traffic Management Center (TMC) Pooled Fund Study (PFS) at their May 2022 meeting. Due to the limited resources the TMC PFS had available to allocate to new projects in 2022 and 2023, the members requested this project proposal be advanced to NCHRP for consideration and selection for the 2023 NCHRP Program.

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Jon Obenberger


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