Focus Area
Transportation Systems Management & Operations
Submitting On Behalf Of
TRB Committee on Freeway Operations
Important - Medium Priority
$500,000 - 749,000
2 - 3 years
Date Posted
Jan 10, 2019
Not Funded

Research Description

This research focuses on freeway-based V2X applications that are currently at various levels of concept development, proof-of-concept, or pilot stages and are expected to provide meaningful safety and/or congestion benefits. The development of these applications is changing and evolving at a rapid pace. Various applications will be researched and will be selected at the outset of the research based on current advancements and research gaps at that time.

This research will focus on four main objectives: (1) Develop criteria and methodology for determining the readiness of current and future applications, (2), Quantify the safety and/or congestion performance benefits of each application, (3) Develop a methodology to determine a return on investment, in Dollars, for agencies to help determine the benefit of investment into connected vehicle infrastructure, and (4) Evaluate the benefit-cost ratio of application deployment for various connected and automated vehicle penetration rates.

Additional Supporting Information

As a result of this research, it will help agencies better determine how to invest money into connected vehicle technology along freeway corridors. This research will produce new analytical methodologies and tools to assess the benefit of connected vehicle applications. The proposed research addresses several gaps in understanding the benefits of various freeway-based applications, how connected and automated vehicle penetration rates impact the benefits and the benefit-cost of the applications.

Submitted By
Thomas Jacobs
Center for Advanced Transportation Technology


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