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Jul 1, 2019
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Research Description

Wrong-way driving (WWD) can be a dangerous behavior with severe consequences, especially on freeways. Most wrong-way drivers enter the freeway from exit ramps, but some start going wrong way by turning around on the mainline or crossing the median of divided highways. Even though WWD crashes are infrequent compared to other types of freeway crashes, they have higher fatality rates. These crashes also typically result in extended lane closures, causing significant delays to other road users. Identifying methods, design considerations, and other factors to reduce wrong-way driving on freeway exit ramps and mainlines can improve traffic safety and operations.

Additional Supporting Information

This research will examine various aspects of the WWD problem and applications of innovative WWD countermeasures to identify ways to reduce WWD crashes and non-crash events on freeways and exit ramps.

Submitted By
Jim Katsafanas
Michael Baker International


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