Focus Area
Freight/Commercial Vehicle Management and Operations
Submitting On Behalf Of
TRB Committee on Freeway Operations
Important - Medium Priority
$250,000 - 499,000
2 - 3 years
Type of Research
Full Research Project
Date Posted
Jul 15, 2021
Not Funded

Research Description

There have been several projects completed or on-going related to truck platooning but further research needed to explore what additional V2X communication protocols and data sets will directly improve integration of freight automation with other vehicle, law enforcement, emergency responders and the infrastructure. Additional research is needed to engage the truck OEMs to determine what features and benefits would be needed to provide adequate incentive to the industry to begin roll out of these systems.

Additional Supporting Information

Documentation of safety and mobility features that would provide financial incentive would be developed. Determining minimum level of penetration Truck Platooning equipped vehicles to provide system benefits would also be evaluated.

Submitted By
Jim Katsafanas
Michael Baker International


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