Focus Area
Organizing for and Leading Operations
Submitting On Behalf Of
TRB Committee on Freeway Operations
Important - Medium Priority
$100,000 - 249,000
2 - 3 years
Type of Research
Full Research Project
Date Posted
Jul 15, 2021
Not Funded

Research Description

The next generation of traffic management systems surely with bring more advanced technologies and operation concepts into the existing Traffic Management Center (TOC) systems. The upgrading of such hardware, software and operation policies at TOC also demands the extra upgrading of workforce skills to support the advanced operations. Additional researches are desired at this territory.

Additional Supporting Information

The key skills required for the workforce development at TOC shall include, but not limit and the followings • Key knowledge enhancement and expansion • Advanced traffic engineering • TSMO concept and advanced TSMO operations, such as ICM, ATM etc. • Basic data-driven analytic skills • Connected and Automated Vehicle • Incorporation of advanced mobility management (beyond existing traffic incident management majorly focus) • Capable of operation mode shifting (from current situation awareness toward proactive operations)

Submitted By
Jim Katsafanas
Michael Baker International


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