Focus Area
Freight/Commercial Vehicle Management and Operations
Submitting On Behalf Of
AASHTO Committee on TSO
Critical - High Priority
Under 1 year
Type of Research
Domestic Scan
Date Posted
Jul 31, 2020
Not Funded

Research Description

To identify the frequency and type of permit violations that occurring nationally, which will assist states in identifying habitual offenders with multi-state violations of individual state permits. (meaning violation of permits across contiguous states)

Additional Supporting Information

Too many times we see carriers violating permit conditions in our state, we then check the contiguous state and verify the permit information only to find out they have violated in their state as well. We work together to ensure the subsequent application dimensions and weight are verified by law enforcement and suspend their ability to auto issue. Since the list has grown, it is more challenging, We have a permit violation database and track violators, for the states who don't, and also for states in other regions we would like to know who is violating so as to be aware and minimize damage to our infrastructure before we are obligated to facilitate possible administrative action, We observe loads crossing bridges that when entered in our system fail analysis, and travel across restricted bridges. For safety infrastructure preservation, it is imperative that this information is shared. An example would be various federal database are used to check safety scores (ISS, federal oos orders, inactive status, vehicle and driver oos databases, etc.) States need a centralized database that would track permit violations so that state officials can be better informed regarding the permits (violators) moving in and through their state, These carriers who intentionally misrepresent information on the permits are also stealing work from carriers, it also provides a fraudulent and unsafe advantage to companies engaged in voluntary compliance.

Submitted By
Tina Sanders
Maryland State Highway


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