Focus Area
ITS Technologies
Submitting On Behalf Of
TRB Committee on RTSMO
Critical - High Priority
Date Posted
Jan 10, 2019
Not Funded

Research Description

This research would focus on how to improve decision support using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Many parameters are available for consideration that, collectively, are too complex to have humans in the loop. This research would identify the processes in operations most appropriate for automation so that responses can happen quicker and more intelligently. Work on this research idea would be done in collaboration with the TRB Committee on Artificial Intelligence.

Additional Supporting Information

This Research Idea was jointly developed by TRB RTSMO and TRB Freeway Operations Committees during a Strategic Planning meeting in August 2017.

The lead for the idea is the TRB RTSMO Data for Operations Subcommittee.

Submitted By
Thomas Jacobs
Center for Advanced Transportation Technology


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