Focus Area
Transportation Systems Management & Operations
Submitting On Behalf Of
TRB Committee on RTSMO
Important - Medium Priority
Date Posted
Jan 10, 2019
Not Funded

Research Description

This research would focus on how best to manage and apply large amounts of diverse data from multiple sources. Questions regarding this data management function would include: In house vs. outsourced, working with brokers, or other options. This project would also examine data management as it applies to supporting operations, addressing physical and virtual architecture options, and new /emerging tools that need to be considered.

Additional Supporting Information

This Research Idea was jointly developed by TRB RTSMO and TRB Freeway Operations Committees during a Strategic Planning meeting in August 2017.

This idea is being lead by the TRB RTSMO Subcommittee on Data for Operations.

Submitted By
Thomas Jacobs
Center for Advanced Transportation Technology


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