Focus Area
Transportation Systems Management & Operations
Submitting On Behalf Of
TRB Committee on Freeway Operations
Important - Medium Priority
$500,000 - 749,000
1 - 2 years
Type of Research
Full Research Project
Date Posted
Jan 10, 2019

Research Description

The main objective of this research is to develop and demonstate a framework for how to utilize the information from CAVs to enhance and optimize freeway operations strategies, algorithms and performance measures.

This research will focus on how CAV data can be used to augment how existing operational strategies are used and performance analyzed. The research will provide examples of how an operational strategy (e.g., ramp metering) could change with the use of only CAV data or the fusion of CAV data with existing sources of data typically being used by a traffic management system. This research will also cover how CAV data can be effectively utilized alone and in combination with other existing sources of data to provide reliable estimates of performance measures.

Additional Supporting Information

The findings from this research will help agencies determine how to better use new data sources from CAVs to better operate freeways and to help develop operational strategies for freeway corridors. This research will demonstrate how CAV data can be used and leveraged to improve traffic management systems.

Submitted By
Thomas Jacobs
Center for Advanced Transportation Technology


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