Focus Area
Freight/Commercial Vehicle Management and Operations
Submitting On Behalf Of
TRB Committee on RTSMO
Critical - High Priority
Type of Research
Full Research Project
Date Posted
Jun 26, 2019
Not Funded

Research Description

This research would focus primarily for longer trips (including for commercial vehicles) where conditions are likely to change based on past travel patterns and can be combined with real-time data on construction projects and traffic incidents. This might be of particular interest to the Trucking Industry Research Committee regarding time certain deliveries and in light of perceived shortages in truck parking areas since predicting arrival times to available truck parking areas has to take into account hours of service regulations. Better data on travel time could move from a “planning time” or “buffer time” index to a travel time projection that is more reliable and tailored to when travel is taking place and specific routes, hopefully reducing the amount of “buffer” required due to travel time variability.

Additional Supporting Information

DEVELOPED BY: Michael Smith, University of Virginia

POTENTIAL COORDINATION: TRB Trucking Industry Research Committee and TRB Critical Infrastructure Protection Committee

Submitted By
Thomas Jacobs
Center for Advanced Transportation Technology


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